Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

The week before our big trip I noticed a groupon for Great Wolf Lodge.  We probably would never considered going here without the groupon, it is really pricey for a family of six.  It still was pretty pricey for us, but decided we needed to do something for our get away.  It is a beautiful facility, and we were right next to the airport so it was like two birds b/c HR loved the constant flow of airplanes outside our window.  The kids had their own special area in our room with a set of bunk beds and a daybed.
We played MagiQuest, thanks to my friend Morgan for loaning us a set of wands so we could play.  However, I wish we hadn't, not my favorite part of the trip (but I guess it was some form of exercise climbing up and down eight flights of stairs). And of course we took advantage of the indoor water park.  It was pretty cool b/c only the indoor water park is open after Labor Day.  The kids loved it and it was a great memory for them.  

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