Sunday, December 08, 2013

fitness class Christmas party

Last night was our Christmas party at the church where I teach fitness classes.  The classes have grown to twice a week, but I only teach on Wednesdays.  Three ladies in the class have pursued fitness certifications and two even attended silver sneakers training.  I got the most encouraging letter this week from a member.
Just want to say thank you for all the great work you and these beautiful ladies have done! When I first started the exercising class I could barely walk let alone jog, not to mention being a little depressed. Praise GOD, I've lost thirty pounds, well I have to say, three of it came off since I've been sick. I'm wearing five sizes smaller! So for me the classes at PCC have been such a blessing not to mention the great fellowship. I've met a bunch of sweet ladies as well and it's been a joy! 
We enjoyed a potluck dinner, and games including Christmas edition of pictionary and catchphrase.  The girls played with their friends whose mom and grandmother attend the class and the boys stayed home with Miss Sharon.  The weather has been pretty bad this week, so our turnout wasn't quite what we hoped, but we had a really great time with those who could make it.  They blessed each of us instructors with a gift card to Logan's Steakhouse for Christmas.  

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