Wednesday, December 18, 2013

American Girl Book Club- Brave Emily (Molly)

The girls and I led our American Girl Book Club yesterday. Each month our club chooses a historical girl's book to read and then learn about the time period.
We chose Emily, Molly's best friend.  The book took place in 1944, the year America joined WWII.  We wanted a new book that hadn't been chosen before.
The girls came in their pajamas and we planned to listen to fireside chats that were hosted by FDR; that didn't work out as planned. We still had a pajama party b/c Molly and Emily lived together when Emily was evacuated from England to escape bombings by the Axis countries.
We made marbles by rolling polymer clay into balls. The girls were given 2 one-inch  (different colors) squares to make roll together to shape into a ball.  After the balls were shaped, we cooked them in a convection over for seven minutes.  Marbles was a popular game during the World War 2 era.  After our craft, we had popcorn and watched an excerpt from Dumbo, a movie which was originally released in 1941.  Every Saturday, children in WWII era would go to the local theater to see a moving picture and watch the news.  For ten cents, they could get into the movie, get a popcorn and a bottle of Coca-Cola.  We had lemonade instead.
After snacks and crafts and discussion of life during the war versus our lives now, we played Statues.  One person was the sculptor and spun a girl around twice releasing her into a pose.  After every girl was spun, the sculptor got to choose their favorite statue to be the next sculptor.  After 3 rounds of statues, we played Pom Pom Pull-Away, the girls told me it was a lot like sharks and minnows.
We had a really great time and I think we learned a lot.

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