Thursday, December 12, 2013

15 years of memories

1 cat
2 dogs
3 zip codes
4 children
5 pregnancies
6  homes (FBG, Kville, Wells Branch apt, Honeysuckle, Curry, here)
7 vehicles (spyder, civic, xterra, accord, 2 motorcycles, minivan)
8 nieces and nephews
9  emergency room visits (Landry 1x, Ben 2x, Kristi 2x, Bella 4x)
10 computers
11 different job titles
12 brothers, sister-in-laws/girlfriends
13 vacations (honeymoon, NY, San Fran 2x, NOLA, beach 2x, Cozumel, skiing 2x, DW, AZ)
14 Christmas mornings, Thanksgivings, Easters, Independence Days, and Valentine's Days
15 years of waking up to my best friend
Happy Anniversary, Honey!

1 comment:

Ms. W said...

Happy anniversary! I bet that took a LNG time to figure out!!