Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have been praying for weeks for confirmation, I just needed to know. As leaving my two babies for 11 days and leaving during my ten year anniversary, I just wanted a "sign" from God. And I mean a big flashing neon sign preferably written across the sky for everyone to see. B/C I was then going to need someone to read the sign to me so I could make sure it was really from God.

Today, Pastor Mel called and asked how my fundraising was going and what I needed still - although lots more words than that. Tell me already is what I am thinking, just as you are thinking now, right?

Someone paid for my airfare today. I am not saying names (but will if given their permission), it is a couple form our church and it was me b/c I am supposed to be there. I still cannot say it (type it) without crying! But I AM GOING TO AFRICA IN 5 WEEKS!! Thank you, Lord for being my provider! To HIM be the glory! (I will update the fundraising goal as soon as I get a dollar amount for my ticket)


Erica Wagner said...

THAT IS AWESOME! You can't have any more confirmation than that!


Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

Thank You, Jesus!!! :)

Mrs. Jenk said...

that is wonderful! there are lots of flashing neon signs at an airport- he answered you in many ways :)

annie's mom said...

Isn't God GOOD?????
Bless you!!