Friday, September 25, 2015

vacation, all I ever wanted

And we're off... our first family vacation.  This year we headed to Indianapolis for a training, some hands-on learning and some fun.  No trip is complete without a stop at our favorite Czech bakery,
where the kids got to pick out their first treat of the car ride.
 The kids did so great on the car ride.  We did our traditional gifts along the route.  Boo received a rhyming dictionary and she blessed us with poems for the trip.  R2 and HR opened Lego friends and LE got nail polish.
HR is now potty trained, and he stayed dry the entire day.  We made a second pit stop in Oklahoma where we played at a local park and the girls made new home schooling friends.  Then, back on the road to Carthage, Missouri, our first night stay courtesy of Hotels Tonight.  We had dinner at a diner on Route 66.

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