Saturday, September 26, 2015

Missouri day #2

On day two, we started the morning at the Precious Moments Chapel in Jopin, Missouri.  I had been about twenty years ago and knew the kids would love it.  Ben did not, I think he actually threw up a little in his mouth on more than one occasion, it was not that bad.  In the words of 3/4 of my children, it was so adorable.  Too adorable for Ben.
The man who created Precious Moments created a park and chapel decorated with statues from PM and there is a gift shop and ice cream parlor.  We took a self-guided tour and were on the road by 10 am on day two.
Our second stop was St. Louis, Missouri to see the arches. I didn't know the arches were a national landmark and we had forgotten our national park passes at home.  I also did not print out our free passes we had b/c we have a fourth grader.  There is a movement to get all kids in the national parks this year, so the government is giving every fourth grade student a free pass for their families into the national parks.
We took a tour bus around downtown St. Louis and then got back on the road to Indianapolis.
We had to make an unplanned stop in Effingham, Illinois.  Remember, HR being potty trained.  Well, he told us he needed to go potty and we told him to hang on, except we forgot when the next rest area arrived.  A couple hours later I noticed not only had he had an accident, but I was gifted from his blue football cookie he snacked on the day before.
We arrived in Indy on day #2 after 17 hours of driving over the two previous days.

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