Saturday, September 05, 2015

Happy Birthday to me

This past week, I had another birthday.  Why do they keep coming, I will never know.  I got to sleep a little later and Ben made my yearly breakfast tacos (without the tortilla this year).  I taught my Parkinson's class and they surprised me with a cake and flowers.  And then, I spent the afternoon at the Apple Genius Bar getting my phone fixed again.  I ran into an old friend also visiting the Genius Bar.  Then, I sat on the phone with technical support for an hour.  That was not the highlight of my day.
We had a fun family dinner at Cheesecake Factory and yes I indulged and had a piece of cheesecake (after the kids went to bed).  We are leaving for vacation in a few weeks, so presents will be in the form of activities together as a family.  

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