Monday, August 04, 2014

first day of school 2014-2015

We are starting school early this year, today as a matter of fact.  I have a fourth grader, and a dual second/third grader.  Where did the past four years go?
This year we are participating in a co-op which will begin in September.  All four of the children will participate in classes once a week and I will teach high school American History.  HR and R2 are in the preschool class, Boo is in early elementary and LE will be in upper elementary.  Even though the girls are in separate grades, they are each taking Theater, P.E. and Story of the World (history) for their own grade levels.
This year our curriculum looks very similar to last year:
History - Story of the World (finishing up vol 2, to begin vol 3 in September)
Science- Exploring Creation with Zoology: Swimming Creatures
Spelling Power (L is in EIGHTH GRADE, B is in FOURTH grade), that is not a typo!
Lessons in Responsibility level two
English - Shurley English level 3
Bible - reading the new testament and memorizing key scriptures
Logic - Building Thinking Skills
Math - Landry - finishing up Math U See Gamma in the next couple of weeks onto Delta
           Bella- finishing up Math U See Alpha in the next couple of weeks and onto Beta
They will continue piano each week and will begin lessons in Spanish this year.  We are presently using apps for Spanish, but plan to begin Rosetta Stone as soon as the budget allows.

In a few weeks as the girls get settled in their routines, I plan to begin working with R2 more on his academics.  He wants to be like big sisters and have school work.

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Donna said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you are Homeschooling!!