Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Rock Star's Birthday (inspired by the Voice)

LE has been asking for a few month's (more like 12 months) for a surprise party and since we originally planned to travel for her party it was fairly easy to pull off a surprise party for her.  She wanted "the Voice" inspired party with Blake Shelton, singing, microphones, the works.  Daddy and I had looked into karaoke machines in the past, but discovered there were sing-alongs for the Wii and decided on the Disney Sing-along as inspiration for a party.  She also got a couple of dance party games which the kids at the party got into.  She spent the morning on a date with Mimi and Boo got a special date with daddy while I got the house ready for guests.  Super simple party to plan since I got to make all the decisions.  Mimi made cupcakes in ice cream cones to be microphones.  Gigi and I hung stars from the ceiling.  We served water bottles, fruit, ice cream, and hummus and crackers at the afternoon event.
The boys napped prior to the party so I could get things ready and I prepared R2 that people would be coming over to yell surprise when LE came home.  New and loud things stress him out.  So when Mimi arrived with her I told him to get ready.  Stinker ran out the back door through the garage to greet her and yell surprise.  Luckily, his vocabulary is off, so she had no idea what he was saying, but that is something I will never forget, that he thought that through.

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Donna said...

Great party and she REALLY was surprised!! Good job all who pulled it off!