Monday, August 11, 2014

Celebrating Hank's birthday

To celebrate HR's 2nd birthday, we decided to make a trip to Leakey for a weekend on the river instead of a party.  We wanted to celebrate each of the kids with a memory instead of a party this year, but there was some apprehension from certain children and financial obligations that had to put some traveling on hold.
We spent the weekend with Gigi and PopPop, Mimi and PawPaw at a friends  house on the Frio Rio.  The kids had a blast, there wasn't a lot of water in the river, there was lots of good food, and a time without cell phones or internet for the parents.  We enjoyed the dance at Garner State Park where the girls were asked to dance by a boy.  He was quite a handsome gentleman (named Christian), even teaching the girls how to two-step, but it was still a little too much for this mama to see my baby girls dancing with someone besides Daddy.

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