Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A nine year old, L.E.

Seriously, where has the past nine years gone?  And why do you insist on being nine when I want you to stay my baby?  I'm so thankful for the young lady you are becoming, but so don't want you to become that young lady, yet.  You are the most intelligent nine year old I know.  Your intelligence down right blows my mind.  You have the vocabulary of an adult.  Hot pink is your favorite color this month, and your favorite hobby is reading.   You enjoy learning and questioning.  Your beauty amazes me.  You've asked to be called LE and I hope it catches on too.  I love to watch you worship and others even comment on your sincerity when you are praising your king.  I am so blessed The Lord chose us to be your parents.  But, could you just stay my baby girl, just for awhile longer.

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Donna said...

Precious memories.