Thursday, August 07, 2014

A two year old

Harrison, aka Hank around these parts is two today.  He is a rambunctious toddler, living life to the fullest.  He only says six words, but he says them emphatically.  Mama, Addy (daddy), Bubba, Sissy, Ella and uh-oh.  He loves bananas, eggs, milk, cheese, and will eat fruit, meat and veggies on his terms.  He has been sitting on the potty, but not consistently.  Some days he is interested and others not so much.
At the beginning of the summer, he didn't show much interest in the pool, but now he jumps in, goes under water, and tries to swim with floaties.
His favorite toys are trains and cars.  He sleeps with his blue bear and still in his crib.  We are not ready to give him that kind of freedom yet.  He loves to help unload the dishwasher, and picks up toys while humming the clean-up song.  He loves bath time, but hates having his hair washed.  He loves to be read too.  His favorite books are Little People on the Farm and Little People at the Zoo flip the flap books, Thomas the Train and Big Trucks.  He seems to be the most athletic and active of the kids so can't wait to see what he does with that throwing arm.

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Donna said...

Love the "looks" at each other. :)