Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ron & Gina's story

This month's outreach was incredibly difficult for me.  It was amazing too though.  First of all we were short team members, which meant it could have been short resources.  There was less than 100 sandwiches and only 3 cases of water, but yet there was enough some how.  Someone donated 4000 t-shirts so I took about 150 and a trash bag full of socks.  The socks were a huge hit, I wish I had twice the number of socks, I brought home about 25 shirts. 
As we were packing up to leave, a team member told me she needed me to meet a mom of 5 kids.  Ron is a builder and has not had work in months.  They were leasing a home on someone's property.  The landlord had not been collecting money for the electricity and then one day wanted $1,000 for the utilities.  When they could not come up with the money, they were evicted.   They tried staying with Ron's mom, but the step dad kicked them out b/c 5 children was not part of his plans.  They have been staying with the Salvation Army for the past 2 weeks.  None of them were wearing socks and all were wearing clothes that did not fit.

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