Thursday, March 04, 2010

I AM my mother

I have known it for awhile, but it seems every week I am reminded I am turning more and more into my MOM!  And that is not a bad thing, OK, I just don't want to grow up! 

So, I have been pondering what in the world to blog about, I have nothing to blog about, or in reality I have nothing nice to blog about.  Then, Mom goes and blogs about not having anything nice to say in her blog too.  I resolved months and months ago, that I refused to go there - if I have nothing nice to say I am just not going to share it.  I want people to leave my blog with only positive words of encouragement or wonderful images of my beautiful family, but lately I do not have that.  So, that being said, I have turned into my Mom again, and she is walking through the same thing I am walking through, AGAIN.

Love you Mimi.

But, we do have some good news - a new niece - Ruby Jane was born yesterday, as soon as I get pics, I will post some for you.

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Shileen said...

The timing is hilarious. You saw my one post of the week...
Guess it's spreading...