Monday, March 22, 2010

Out on the Ranch

My brother, Bryan has one of the coolest jobs I know of. He is the activities director for the West Texas Boys Ranch in San Angleo. While we were visiting last weekend the boys were on Spring Break and we had the ranch pretty much to ourselves. When we stepped out the back door the horses were standing against the fence, but as we approached them they took off. On Sunday, Bryan took us to the barn to see and feed the horses. The girls are quite citified, but loved every minute. Uncle Bryan showed us how to rope and let us sit on the saddles. The girls were in cowgirl heaven.
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mary.mimi said...

So was their MIMI...Love the pix. Thanx.

mary.mimi said...

Loved the moments and the memories made. Thanx Brady,Susan and Bryan for having us. LUB ya and miss ya.