Sunday, September 20, 2009


This past week, I have heard some great speakers including Chris Caine from Hillsong and Bob Hoskins from One Hope. Both of them have had my numbers and I think they traveled half-way around the world just to speak to me. Because of these great messages my prayer this week - "Lord, I want to be used by You. No longer my ideas, Lord, but the way you want to use me."

This past week I also joined the prayer team after encouragement from Pastor Mel . First time to be a prayer partner & a mom-friend tells me they feel led to move across country and plant a church. Wow! Talk about commitment for the Lord, what a honor to get partner with her to pray for this. Second lady -"my daughter wants to be free from her drug addiction. Wow again, God.

Yesterday morning, I attended my first Under the Bridge Church on 6th Street. I sat with an immigrant who broke his back when he fell off of his ladder trimming trees. His employer knowing he did not read English had him sign away his rights to his insurance money.

This weekend two other Mommy-friends have called with urgent life/death requests for pregnancies and infants.

My observation is this, if you asked to be used by the Lord you had better be prayed up and ready b/c He will.

Lord, please give me the strength to do Your will. Not my will, but yours. I am humbly honored that you have called me and I say Yes, Lord I am here, use me.

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