Thursday, September 24, 2009

geography lessons

This month, we are learning about the United States of America for our geography part of school. We have looked at maps, the globe, learned the pledge of allegiance to the TX and United States flags. We have learned to sing "Y'ou're a Grand Ole Flag" & "Deep in the Heart of Texas" This past week we began making our own maps. Colin and LE had fun making mountains and oceans. Bella liked coloring the stores. She wanted an HEB on her map.


Amanda said...

when I was landry's age I new all the patriotic songs. At the time I lived in Montana, there my aunt had a resort and in the room with a stage I would where my tutu and sing god bless america, purple mt. majesty, and our national anthemn. to anyone who would listen. And when we moved cross country when I was 7 from NC to CA everytime we entered another state my mom would sing that state's song...I thought she was a genius! haha

Anonymous said...

I think Tinkerbell can have an HEB on her map if she chooses. After all where will the food come from?
She is def the planner in the family.
Is that what the pouty face was the other would not let her have an HEB?...Mimi would let her have 2 HEB if she wanted.