Sunday, December 27, 2015

day #2 brrrrr

On Sunday morning, the "blizzard" had passed through and all of the roads to Colorado were open so we decided to continue on. Dad wanted to put his snow chains on, but they didn't fit.  I'm kind of glad they didn't because the roads were clear and we had no more snowy conditions to contend with.
We stopped in Alamosa for lunch at Chili's and grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.
I planned out the menu and Mom had brought several meals she prepared ahead of time.
By the time we got to South Fork the sun was setting and the temperatures were dropping drastically.  It was 8 degrees and when we got in the house the temperature indoors was 11 degrees.  Ben started a fire, while PawPaw tried to get the propane heater working, except there was no propane.
We ended up having to sleep in coats and ski clothes with temperatures indoors only reaching 24 degrees.  The sun finally came up and we were able to get in town and find a propane company, did I mention we had no cell service so there was no calling anyone while at the cabin?  He informed us the people who stayed before us forgot to turn the heater down and it depleted the tank.  Once we got propane, we were plenty toasty inside the cabin, not so much outdoors though.  The temperatures never got above freezing and the lowest it dropped was -7 (yes, negative seven),

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