Saturday, December 26, 2015

and we're off

Day one, lots of driving and even snow.

When we left Kerrville at 6:15 am, it was 67 degrees.  I think I had the worst attitude of day 1.  Kids did pretty good, but for some reason I was the cranky pants.  I am blaming my second round of hives and the medicine that makes me incredibly sleepy.
We made our first stop in Fort Stockton for potties and snacks at Wal-Mart.  And then off to Roswell for lunch.
We were watching the weather as blizzard conditions were expected that night.  As we were leaving Roswell, it began to sleet on us, but road conditions were favorable.
By the time we got to Cline's Corner, the temperatures had dropped to 17 degrees and we were driving in snow.  Ben and Dad continued to drive, we needed to make it to Santa Fe because we had already booked a non-refundable room through Hotels Tonight.  It was very slow and go, lots of traffic and no one could pass.  Dad lost grip once but it was as he was exiting in Santa Fe for the hotel.
We made it to our uber tiny hotel room which the hotel manager graciously upgraded for us when we asked for more blankets.  All four of the kids and I shared the bedroom and Daddy and Uncle Troy shared the living room.  Mimi and PawPaw got the night off in their own uber tiny room, not fair.

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