Monday, August 31, 2015

first day of school

Today is the first day of school, well, today is the first day we sit down at a table and do assigned schoolwork after taking some time off.  I'm trying to dismiss the idea that school is done with workbooks and assigned readings.  I had a paradigm shift this summer and I am tired of checking boxes, making lists, and being told what my children need to learn in order to keep up with the norm.  Our plan this year is to seek God, read more, spend more time together, have fun and learn some new things along the way.
Today, we were back at math drills, we are rereading Little House in the Big Woods and doing lots more projects to support our readings.  The girls will do Spanish every day, along with their logic drills daily journals.  Science and Story of the World Vol 4 will be read during the week and then at co-op they will do projects with friends.
Boo has begun theater at One Day Academy and both girls are taking 4H shooting sports including B.B. Guns and Archery.
R2 and HR even started school with the letter O.
LE commented every year I change things and try new things, but I pray this year my kids can fall in love with learning, fall in love with Jesus and love each other.  If that is all we accomplish, it will be the best year ever.

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