Friday, August 07, 2015

three years old

How can it be, this guy turned three today?  You are the funniest, goofiest monkey I know.  You don't talk, but you sure know how to communicate.  He loves to tell knock, knock jokes.
His favorite:
H: knock, knock
Me: Who's there?
H: roar.
Me: Roar who?
H:(in fierce lion voice) ROAR!!!

You like eggs, bananas, grilled cheese, guacamole and chips and ketchup with chicken nuggets.
You love to play in the pool and with your roars (dinosaurs).
Your favorite thing is your bear, you need him to sleep.
Your favorite shirt is your a-a shirt (orange monkey).
You count with your fingers.  And love to tell Daddy and I five more minutes.
You do not like to be told no.  You do not like naps and you think it is really unfair when R2 doesn't have to nap and you do.
We love you so much, sweet boy and I cannot imagine our family without you.

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