Tuesday, August 18, 2015

dental date

R2 had to have some dental work done this week.  He has two teeth that are broken, can't imagine why since he can't keep anything out of his mouth.
The doctor recommended anesthesia which I reluctantly agreed to.  Our appointment time was 10 am, and our pre-op instructions including no food after midnight, but he could have clear liquids and Popsicles.  R2 is an early riser and he immediately wants breakfast upon awaking.  The day before, I had a conversation with our pastor about the next morning as his son had a similar procedure done just a couple weeks prior.  He prayed for us and R2 slept till 8:30, I actually had to wake him.  I thought I was being Awesome Mom and allowed him to have a Popsicle for breakfast.  Except when I got to the appointment and discovered he could have said Popsicle up to 2 hours prior.  Oops.
The dentist offered to try laughing gas to repair the teeth and I agreed since I was going to be charged anyways.  He did amazing.  Actually, beyond words amazing.  God gave him and I peace and he went through it like a champ.  They ended up giving him a second numbing shot, and when we left his bottom lip was "big".  Our instructions were soft foods until he had feeling, so In'N'Out milkshakes it was.  I could not think of anything else.  He didn't complain.
We also made a stop at Hobby Lobby for a new dinosaur and this HL had a pterodactyl.  Score.

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