Saturday, April 05, 2014

best. field. trip. EVER! Stunt Camp

I had the most amazing time this past Friday.  I am the leadership liaison for our April Mom Team this month and one of our moms hit it out of the park for our monthly field trip.  We went to Stunt Camp.  I am pretty sure my girls had a blast, but this Mama had way too much fun.  I zip-lined, platform jumped, did stunt jumps, ropes course, kidding, but not really.  The girls loved it and the perk I got to tag along too.  This field trip was the absolute bomb.  It was a science field trip complete with explosions, pyrotechnics, steam machines, pulleys, and other simple machines.  We did get to jump off a platform, which let me tell you was HIGH!!  The girls didn't go all the way too the top, but with them chanting my name I climbed all the way to the top and jumped into a large inflatable mat.  My knees were shaking hours later.  Then we zip-lined from a tree across a field.  Followed by a picnic lunch and then the ropes/obstacle course.  Stunt men Adam and Aaron did a demonstration with pulleys and then we were launched backwards like stunt men onto a large mat.  The kids were blasted with snow in April in Texas and then the finale was an explosion just like the movies.  This was not on the cheap side, but oh so worth the experience the girls and I got to share together.  I am so proud of them for conquering their fears and butterflies.  It was a day this Mama will never forget.