Monday, April 21, 2014

our homeschool Easter Party

This month has been so crazy busy.  I have been the leadership liaison for our April Mom's for the events they have planned.  This past week they held the first Easter egg hunt for the group.  We were able to participate b/c park day was at an earlier time that didn't interfere with nap time for the boys.  We had a potluck picnic lunch, Easter egg hunt, story time and a Resurrection craft.  I was responsible for the story time and craft.  We read the Tale of the Three Trees.  We made this craft I found on pinterest and well as one I did when I was teaching.   At the egg hunt, a squirrel stole one of HR's eggs.  He bit a hole the size of a dime in it before I could get it back.  He made it half way up the tree before dropping the egg.

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Cari said...

That is so awesome! I love that the squirrel stole the egg! How fun!