Monday, March 24, 2014

rendezvous girl by LE

 Over Spring Break, LE was invited by PawPaw to attend the week-long South Western Rendezvous.  She has been talking about it for months, and to be honest I never thought when it came down to it that she would really go.  But, my Pioneer/Native American Girl did.  She slept in a real teepee, with no electricity or running water for almost a week.  On Day One, was a trail walk and she had to go "hunting" along the walk which she hit the first target with her tomahawk.  She met several new friends, and met a new pen pal from the Dallas area.  That night, a terrible wind storm hit and most people lost their tents, but PawPaw's teepee had no problem weathering the storm.
On Day Two, " the morning was cold, but it got warmer and the weather did too".  PawPaw went to a shooting thing and I took a lot of pictures.  And then, we waited for Red Bear.  And we waited for what seemed like forever. PawPaw and Red Bear threw the tomahawk and knives.  And then we had lunch.  I did kid games and I actually shot a bow and arrow and a real cannon! Me and my friends played more games and shot more arrows.  And then, we went for supper and had hamburgers on the fire that I made.

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