Thursday, March 27, 2014

my success story

My trainer, Michelle asked if I would like to enter my bio as a trainer success story at the gym.  I kept putting it off b/c I wanted to drop "just a little bit more".  And I finally realized as with everything else in life you will never loose enough or have enough $$ ... so be happy with what you have.  I submitted my original bio as below, I had to shorten it for the plaque at the gym, but here is my success story...

During my first pregnancy, everyone encouraged me that it was OK to eat for two and at 4'11" I put on a whopping fifty plus pounds, and I never had the opportunity to take that weight off before getting pregnant with baby #2 less than five months after baby #1.

I joined the gym after baby #2 and lost twenty pounds doing body pump and body combat, but I never could drop those last fifteen pounds.  I got a job at a local gym as a fitness consultant and later became a silver sneakers instructor.  And much to our surprise found out I was pregnant with baby #3.  Shortly after having him I joined the 24 Hour Fitness Team as a group exercise instructor.  And twenty months later, surprise #4 was born.

I struggled with confidence, self-motivation and my new identity as I was now pushing forty and a mom to four kids in less than eight years .  I had the desire to be the best example for the members in my classes, my family and friends, but nothing was really working this time around to get me excited about the gym.  

I met Michelle as a co-worker and had seen the success of several members she had trained with.  In less than eight months I lost twenty-five pounds, gained a new knowledge of food and calories, and she pushed me to do things I never knew was possible.  I have more energy, more passion for life,I enjoy working out and I'm preparing to tackle my first triathlon and my forties.  


Ms. W said...

Awesome! So proud of you!!!

LaVerne said...

So awesome Kristi. You set out with a goal and you accomplished it. You are an inspiration to others. I am proud of you and proud to know you. You look fantastic. You don't look like you are going to be forty. See you soon.