Sunday, March 09, 2014

dance recital 2014

The girls had their first dance recital over the weekend.  It was very informal as the class was part of our homeschool group.  Classes had to cease b/c one of the families moved and we could no longer afford to lease the space.  The girls enjoyed it and as the year has progressed we have needed to spend more time on school work, so having those extra couple of hours in the morning are going to help us get back on track.
The girls performed a tap routine to Elvis' Hound Dog and a ballet routine to Yesterday by the Beatles.  Boo had the tap solo.  Thank you to Miss Natalie for allowing us to borrow dance costumes from her little dancer.Miss Joelle did a beautiful routine also, which had the girls mesmerized.
I wish we could continue on with lessons b/c I think the girls really enjoyed the time and what they learned.  It was a great learning opportunity for them.

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