Wednesday, May 01, 2013


This month I am on the April Mom's Committee for our homeschool group.  We hosted a zumba mom's night out, an ice cream social, field trip to a behind-the-scenes look at the Dell Diamond, park day each Friday, community service project and our big event was hosting the presentation day.  Two of my close friends joined RRHOME with me last year from CC and they were on the committee with me.  It was a great month of events, but my favorite was the ice cream social.  There was twenty moms and we really got to know each other and share some of the best moments I have had since I joined the group 2 years ago.


Cari said...

I SO wish we lived closer so that I could have a homeschool group like yours! I know that my kids are older, but it would be great to have the support and fellowship!

Shileen Karnes said...

That is so great you found a good group. I never had that when mine were little.