Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pioneer Days at Old Settlers Park

Have you seen the blog free fun in Austin?   I try to check it out each week for events happening in the area. She has a top ten list for each weekend and last weekend one of things was a free pioneer day at Old Settlers' Park.  Let me first say, this event should have not been free, it was one of the best, kid friendly events I have ever done and the activities were top notch with great take aways.
The girls each washed clothes on a wash board, made a dipped-wax candle, ground corn, danced, pulled a plow, made a rag doll and fabric ball, fed horses, goats and rabbits, rode a covered wagon (extra fee which went to the Williamson County Museum), played with pioneer toys, loaded a "black powder" rifle
(with black sand), hung out with mountain men and trappers, tasted fresh churned butter on cornbread, watched women spinning wool into yarn, played tug of war, raced in potato sacks, and that is not even close to being everything.    We were there from opening to closing (except we left to eat lunch).  They were in pioneer heaven.  My girls' knowledge of the pioneer days amazes me, and they cannot get enough.  We are presently reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The museum curator asked if they would like to participate in the next pioneer days, of course we said yes.

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