Saturday, January 16, 2010

Please forgive me!

SO very much is happening in our lives, I am so sorry I have not blogged. My mom thought I was fasting from the computer, point taken.
From the beginning - we had house guests from Africa - 2 extra children and an auntie.
I went back to teaching.
Girls started swim lessons.
Girls started soccer.
Among other things.
I honestly do not how you moms work out of the home full time. I only teach part-time 3 days a week and I all I want to do is sleep when I get home; much less maintain the house, cook and have energy for my own children. I am exhausted just reminiscing. So, soon I will be back on top and catch you up on our lives, but that is the skinny for now.


Shileen said...

girl, i couldn't do it, that's one of the reasons i quit the bank after just 4 months

annie's mom said...

you are right! I am constantly tired. But what is heartbreaking, the other night I heard Annie say to Brandt "But Mom's ALWAYS tired" so my new year's resolution is to just suck it up, be more spontaneous and fun....take more vitamins.