Monday, January 25, 2010

Antonio's story

This is Antonio. I just met him this week; a really nice guy. We sat and chatted. He took a shirt donated with some tools on it and said he wished he could get some real tools so he could go back to work. He was hoping he could find some work mowing lawns in the spring or washing dishes somewhere.
I sit here in my warm room at my personal computer thinking of the David Crowder Band song - How He loves Us. My heart aches - how he loves Antonio. Everyone who comes to Church Under the Bridge gets fed each week, they have praise and worship and a message. Oh, how He loves each one of them.


annie's mom said...

once in Ktown, I saw these 2 homeless people sitting outside the Albertson's as we were going to buy groceries. It was a really hot day. I bought them each big water bottles. When I gave it to them, I still remember the grateful looks on their faces.
Keep it up, sister! Love you.

Ms. W said...

Thanks for putting a name to a face. You are making it real.

JJthe1st said...

Hey Kristi, I mentioned to Judy Carpenter what you were doing with the homeless and suggested that we help you out and she loved the idea of the kids donating clothing for a kids church tshirt. I will let you know when they get more details together. They really wanted to get the kids involved in something.