Friday, January 22, 2010

homeless outreach

This is Red. She is one of the ladies I see each month and she now recognizes me too. The past weekend she was really upset and told me she had spent the previous two nights sleeping sitting up on the streets. See, Red had an apartment. She collects social security and pays rent each month. Since she had an apartment and glimmer of hope when the cold front blew in Red gave away her three sleeping bags to other people on the street. Now a week later her landlord's son shows up at her apartment, threatens her and kicked her out.
Last month, I posted on FB I was collecting blankets, socks, hats and gloves for the homeless. My friends, the Lowthorps answered that call. Last month, they brought 20 blankets they had gathered at their apartment complex through a blanket drive. This month, TA showed up with 4 large bags of clothing donated from co-workers at Home Depot and 5 cases of water donated by managers at Home Depot.
Not everyone on the street wants to be there, some of them have desperately tried to change their stories. Ben told me on Sunday he "just did not know what to say." I told him just listen.


kayjsmith said...

kristi i really enjoy reading your post just about everyone of them i cry because i think what your doing is so are a person who god just shines his love out of and that makes you such a blessing, i love telling people the things that you have going on and i am proud to say that you are my cousin...i have so much to learn from you and so does the world....keep on spreading the love thank you

mary.mimi said...

Yep. Amen KJS.. we can all take a lesson. Just listening and looking into their faces is a blessing to them and YOU... most times you may be the only person that knows or accepts that they exist. They need to know someone cares and to the JESUS hands is awesome.
Do not GROW WEARY in well doing..
I am crocheting and knitting as fast as my hands can work..praying into each stitch that GODS love and grace reachs.