Wednesday, June 04, 2008

weekend at the grandparents

The girls recently spent the weekend at their grandparents, Gigi and PopPop's (Ben's parents) and Mimi and PawPaw's(my parents). LE found Gigi's lipstick one day and put her "make-up on". I had been waiting for this day and I am kind of sad I was not there to see it, but glad I did not have to clean it off! Bell is having fun driving the big car on the back porch.


Anonymous said...

So your girls have started driving and wearing makeup...when did this happen. and why was I not informed that they could GROW-UP!!!! LOL
This is unacceptable...MIMI
Your woes have only just begun, as I am sure we all PAY FOR OUR RAISIN'...LOL

Greg said...

That’s Adoms car. We are going to have to charge you guys for the car rental; I'll even give you the family discount. You also need to fill the tank up before you bring it back or there will be a hefty fee to deal with.


Adoms Rental Service

sebcarri said...

too cute! i love le's makeup :) we have that car too, and my kids fight over it! i meant to tell you i like the new look of your blog.

Bryan and Susan Neal said...

hahah her make-up is sooo cute!!