Monday, June 09, 2008


VACATION, ALL I EVER WANTED....(dating myself) The girls and I are on vacation, vacation from housework and chores. We are visiting family and will be stopping in on friends all week. (Mrs. Petty, if you still read we will be popping in one evening, but cannot find your #, Belinda, you too, but I can call you). I cannot wait to see so many people that weekend time limits ever allow me to stop and see. I have already taken an access of 100 photos, but I have no cord to upload the photos, so I will be signing off and vacationing from blogging this week as well. Look for lots of photos next week including me playing horseshoes (we'll see how good photos of me actually turned out). Enjoy your week!!


Kim M. said...


I just emailed you my mom's phone #....she would love to see you! I sent it to the email address.

--Kim M.

Bryan and Susan Neal said...

Vacation is so wonderful ... Bryan and I are in the process of getting back into routine! Happy Vacation Time!