Wednesday, August 10, 2016

little R and R

Anyone else's spouse time revolve around food?  I love food, glorious food.  I especially love food that is good for us.  We did a great job eating clean when we had the opportunity to have a weekend getaway to SA this past weekend.
We made a plan to avoid one of our favorite restaurants, to make better choices.  Imagine our surprise when we pulled into the hotel and it is across the street from temptation.  We survived without it though.  We found a new place and both enjoyed awesome salads (plus a baked brie).  For breakfast we found a quaint coffee shop and for lunch we hit a favorite for ceviche and shrimp tacos.  Ben planned dinner and we headed for the Riverwalk to try Bella on the River.  Breakfast was our other favorite, including omelet with goat cheese and spinach.  Another major victory for me as I fell for this place over their apple pancake, that would be last meal if I were ever on death row.
We also enjoyed massages, some shopping in downtown, sleeping in and of course the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  Thank you Mimi and PawPaw for spoiling our kiddos.

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