Sunday, August 07, 2016

a four year old

I cannot believe how much you have changed this past year.  You keep us on our toes, little man.  I cannot believe at this time last year you spoke maybe 20 words and now you are using words like actually, awesome, and sentences with 10- 15 words. You knew what you were doing.
In one day, you learned to spell your name and in another you learned to write it.  Everything is 14;  in 14 minutes, 14 bites, 14 days.  You love to count and pattern.  You love to pester your brother.  If you pause for any amount of time you are asking to get on a phone or the computer.  You love to build with legos, build train tracks and play dress up.  You are a total ham and you know it.
Your favorite food is Greek yogurt and chocolate chips, you would literally eat it for every meal if we let you.
Your favorite show is Paw Patrol, your favorite shirt is Paw Patrol, your favorite underwear is Paw Patrol, if it has Paw Patrol involved you are interested.  You do change your favorite puppy often.  I think today you said your favorite was Zuma.  Yesterday it was Chase and the day before Marshall.
We love you so much and you most definitely completed our family.

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