Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not a Wordless Wednesday

I have too much to say for this to be a Wordless Wednesday.
Last Sunday night, Leslie Stahl did a piece on Rock Steady Boxing and every day since I have been inundated with calls about our program.  I had three boxers prior and I now have twelve with more assessments scheduled for this week.  Over the weekend, we made the very tough decision for me to resign all of my other classes so I could focus on my family and my boxers.  In doing so, I am able to have every morning off to be with the kids.
The past two days, I have 8 and 9 hour days at the gym so I took off this morning.  (I turned in my notice for the week before C-mas)
Oh my gosh, it feels so good.  My day typically begins at 6 am, and the girls have been asking me to get them up at 6:30.  Boo was done with school work before 10 am, LE is about an hour behind her. We've been outside for a bike ride, beds are made, dishwasher run and a batch of kombucha is made.
I know not every day is going to be like this, but I am rejoicing in the small victories.

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