Thursday, October 29, 2015

Block Party

After our National Night Out Party, Ben said he wanted to have more get-togethers with our neighbors.  I personally was shocked to hear those words.  I being the activator took him on his word and threw together a pumpkin carving party.  It was more attended than the NNO party.  We had two new families come, both we had never met before and both had children.  One couple had a newborn and were planning to get married the next day.  The other had children ages 3 and 5 that we had never seen before.
Our hope was to create new friendships and build relationships.  Our church just finished a series on loving your neighbors, so we stepped out in faith and God richly blessed our evening.
Our next door neighbor brought over his "Big Gas Grill" and we had hamburgers and hot dogs.  I made my mom's famous chocolate sheet cake that was a huge hit.  I cannot wait to see how this builds relationships on our street.

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mary.mimi said...

Now this is community.!!! Love your neighbor and the only way we will win them is to join them.