Monday, October 19, 2015

Billy Idol

My girlfriend Robin blessed Ben and I with tickets to see Billy Idol in San Antonio.  Never in a million years would Ben and I drop money on a concert like that, so it was a real treat for us.
My parents met us in SA for the night and took the kids to Bass Pro Shop i.e. the fish store, Chick-fil-A and who knows what else while Ben and I rocked out.
It was not the best concert acoustics wise, but at 59 the dude is still rocking.  We had fun singing all of my favorite songs from the 80's.  (Billy is featured monthly in my Wayback Wednesday class at the gym).
We were about seven people deep from the stage.  I (at a whopping 4'10") even caught a paper plate he tossed into the crown.  Why a paper plate, I have no idea.
When we met my parents to drop off the kids, I was wearing hole-y jeans and a tank top.  Dad quickly chimed in that I was not dressed appropriately for a Billy Joel concert.  BILLY IDOL, dad!!  Parents.

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