Sunday, December 21, 2014

bookshelf makeover

My cousin has blogged several times about things she has made over with chalk paint, so when Ben threatened to throw away my bookshelf I pleaded with him to try and paint it.  We found Annie Sloan paint, which is pretty pricey at a store downtown and now we must paint everything!!
Crafting is not my forte, and if it includes paint, chances are Ben has done it.  But I did this.  I painted it, and Ben roughed up the edges with sand paper.  Took about 3 hours and 1 quart of cream white paint.  We originally wanted to paint the inside of the cabinet black, but I want to use the black paint for my kitchen table instead.  We also thought since the room was kind of dark especially this corner the white would brighten it up.


Mrs. Jenk said...

Yea! Nothing is safe after you discover Annie Sloan! Glad you did it and love it!

Manda said...

Cute! Was this a laminate bookshelf? I have a laminate desk I want to try to chalk paint. I might try some homemade chalk paint. One of my friends made her own and it worked well.