Saturday, December 20, 2014

anniversary weekend

Ben has been saving for us to go on an anniversary weekend getaway since our birthday fiasco.  But, we decided to use that money towards redoing our 360 sq foot master bedroom, seeing as for the past 10 years it has kind of been the room that was neglected, laundry collected, least decorated...

I didn't take before pics b/c I thought I had an original blog post from when we moved in, yes the room has not changed in over four years.  The room was painted half a dark reddish-brown (the original color of downstairs bathroom that I hated) half khaki color.  I had the denim comforter and browns and red pillows.
We painted the walls gray, added the green comforter and shams (a Ross find), the red chaise came from Ben's office (he wants to replace with a hide-a-bed love seat sectional), blackout curtains (Ikea), remote controlled electric candles over the bed (Sam's). Ben built the shelf out of our leftover fence pickets, new bedside lamps (Ross), bookshelf (repainted from a brown one I had from Ikea), black lantern on dresser (Ikea), and floral pillow (Ross).  The pictures do not do the colors justice.  The space is so much more relaxing than the red blaring at us, plus laundry folding is not allowed in the bedroom any longer.
There are still a few touches we are wanting to do.  Trying to decide if we want a tv on the wall opposite the bed or more pictures.  We took down (
and stored) the large mirror down that was attached to my dresser, and leaned the full-length mirror that was hanging one the wall now against the wall.  I also want a new pillow on my red chaise and a new lampshade for the floor lamp behind it.
And yes, if you follow me on pinterest, we have the decorating bug.

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Mrs. Jenk said...

Love this! The colors look great and the candles are perfect.