Tuesday, November 18, 2014

our first Mommy-Son Date

This morning as we were driving to the gym we passed Whataburger and Read asked if we could go on a date and get some french fries.  I have no idea how he knew Whataburger had french fries, but he did and I was flattered he asked me on a date.  We have already spent our November eating out money so told him we would go on a date as soon as I got some money.  Which he then reminded me he had a dollar that Miss Sue gave him for Halloween.  How could I refuse?  As we were packing up to leave he said he couldn't wait to play on the playscape.  So, we decided to go to Chick-fil-A instead.
We had such a fun time out together, just the two of us.  After our date we made a stop at HEB, which is typical for all of my dates (wink, wink Daddy).  I have been trying to eat clean and stay on plan this week, as I have had a difficult time lately with self-discipline. But, when a four year old asks you on a date, no meal plan will ever deter me from these special memories.

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