Monday, November 10, 2014

an 8 year old's costume party

Boo did an excellent job planning her own costume party.  She helped pick out the invites, planned the theme, food, party attendees, games, and my one job was to pick the date and time; which I messed up.
She wanted to do an obstacle course in the backyard and games on the playscape.  She also wanted to play Spin the Bottle.  We were unable to do two of her planned activities, one b/c I planned the party for 6 pm a week after Daylight Saving Times ended, it was pitch black at 6 pm.  I also didn't expect for every child I invited to be able to attend, so I was not up for 20 little girls running around with wet finger nail polish.  We were able to do the costume party and the winner assisted Boo in blowing out her candle.  She received so many nice gifts and had such a fun time with some of her favorite friends.  Daddy got in on the action and dressed as Boba Fett, it was like Santa coming down the stairs on Christmas morning when he joined the party.  I thought for sure he would win, but Boo wasn't as impressed.

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