Saturday, November 15, 2014

I did it!

In the past nine years, I have never stayed overnight with the kids without Ben or someone to stay with me (my mom or Gigi). But last night I did it.  I also did something else I have never done as a parent, fed donuts to my kids for breakfast.
We stayed up really late (boys 9:45, girls and I till 10:30 reading books).  The girls slept with me and the boys came in around 7am wanting breakfast.  We bundled up and were grateful for a van in the garage that we could sneak into and searched for a doughnut drive-thru.  Which I'm quite certain doesn't exist any longer.  After three strikeouts we found an almost empty doughnut shop and snuck in decked in our pj's and no shoes to order donuts for four.  I was not willing to drive across town after our first three strikeouts, to wait in line for an infamous yellow donut.  (but I should have b/c the donuts we got were not that good).
I  wouldn't cut it as a single mom.  Ben is at a guys night out with friends from church, they are playing paint ball this morning and stayed over night at the Texas Baptist Children's Home.

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