Sunday, October 26, 2014

co-op happenings

We are absolutely LOVING co-op this year.  It is one of the best decisions we have made for our home school.  Both girls participated in a feast this past week where they sampled foods from the countries we have been studying.  We made Native American hasty pudding and green and oolong teas (Japan).  They also sampled Swedish Apple Cake, Wild Rice and corn bread (North America), seaweed (Japan), Danish cookies, pottage soup (Great Britian), potstickers, English Parkin, pompion and shortbread cookies and baklava.  The girls both tried everything and discovered some new things I would have never thought they'd enjoy.  Boo loved the seaweed, LE loved the green tea.
They are both participating in theater and getting ready to perform for the co-op in December.  They have made so many new friends and we started participating in park days on Wednesday afternoons after the boys nap.

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