Sunday, October 12, 2014

big boy beds

The day came today, and we no longer have a baby bed in the house.  HR has been sleeping on R2's toddler bed and R2 has been camping in his sleeping bag on the floor for weeks.  I found Cargo beds on CL that are very similar to the girls with a trundle bed.  We spent this weekend swapping out Ben's office and the boys' rooms (office was bigger) and are in the process of creating a Star Wars rooms for two padawans.  HR looks so tiny in his big bed, and R2 thinks his room is "not cool" b/c it is not complete.  The furniture purchase put us over budget for the month, so painting and decorating will be budgeted next month.  They do love their beds and their freedom.  HR has started waking up with R2 at 6 am, that part I could live without.

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