Friday, January 17, 2014

another reason for eating clean

Today, I had my six month check-up at the dentist except that it has been more
like 2+ years since I had a check up at the dentist.  Oh, I've been to the dentist, but for fun things like crowns, three of them to be exact.  At my last visit, the week before Christmas when I broke a huge chunk of  molar I decided I needed to schedule a cleaning for both Ben and I.  See it is not that I don't like the dentist, I don't like the dentist telling me EVERY time I go to see him, I have another cavity or that I have periodontal disease (gum disease) and that will be $100's+++ out of pocket expense.  Between Read and Harrison I discovered I had this periodontal disease with a rating of 1 to 5 (five being BAD), my gums were predominately 3's and 4's with several 5's.
WELL, after giving up soft drinks and sweet tea last year,today at my dentist appt, my gums were all 2's and 3's.  The dentist said it was such an improvement he feared submitting it to insurance b/c they would think he lied last time to get more money out of them for my treatments.  I have not been treated in over 2 years!!!
My kids have zero cavities and the doctor congratulated us that they only drink water and milk (juice is  mainly at grandparent's and parties).
I am never going back, I have spent thousands of dollars at the dentist over the years, thinking it was genetics, which it could be but nothing has changed, I still brush and floss as I always have in my adult life.  The doctor said this was solely a diet change that made the difference!!

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Merle Wells said...

This was a triumphant day for you and Ben! It’s always good to hear results like these from your dentist, because it only means that your hard work in maintaining a good oral hygiene is paying off. Keep it up, and for sure you’ll receive a beautiful 1 in your score card on your next appointment.

Merle Wells @ Gillum Dentistry