Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy First Birthday Sweet Boy!

Yes, I know I am late.  I have been trying to upload a picture of his birth all week and then I didn't get his one year portraits done until this weekend.  (This is the raw print, Daddy will edit them tomorrow and I will post the "real" ones.
After three kids we finally got the strong, silent type.   To get a smile, you have to earn that smile.  Boo and Daddy seem to make him smile more than anyone else.  And he is a Daddy's boy.  The girls call him Harry and R2 calls him Hank.  We like the latter.
He began to take his first steps two weeks ago and is beginning to venture out own his own more often.
He is still a very picky eater.  He likes puffs, yogurt, whole milk (only a bottle when he hasn't eaten well at dinner), applesauce, bananas, fruit blends, squash and sweet potatoes. He only drinks from a straw, no sippy cups here.
He has mastered climbing the stairs and has a sixth sense for when someone has left the gate open.  He has crawled to the top of the stairs unnoticed multiple times and began to cry when he gets to the top and realizes he is alone.  He waves when he sees the car (b/c that is a huge ritual in our house now when Daddy or I leave, R2 and girls follow us to the garage and wave until we drive off).
He is the easiest-going baby, but when he gets mad, he has a temper.  He sleeps through the night unless he doesn't get a 2nd nap, then he usually wakes up around midnight.
He already has figured out about balls and cars.  He loves to throw anything and expects anyone nearby to retrieve it.
We love you so much sweet boy.  I am so grateful God had bigger plans than we did.

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