Monday, August 05, 2013

Beginning of the Birthday Season

This past weekend marked the beginning of RFS birthday season.  HR is first, then Landry, Mommy and Daddy's birthdays all fall in less than a 5 week period.  We started celebrating early by taking the girls to Fiesta Texas on Saturday, cashing in our Read To Succeed tickets, the girls and I earned this past school year.  A friend gave me an extra ticket and we thought we were off for a cheap family weekend.  Umm, no.  $18 to park your car, $15 for a locker (to hold our clothes while we "enjoyed" the "free" water park), $15+ a person for lunch in the park (b/c you cannot take in food or drinks to the park).
Oh, it was so hot, so crowded and not worth the price of parking.  We of course traumatized (unintentionally) the girls by taking them on the log ride, the one with a 40ft drop as our first ride.  Every ride after that, including the train that takes you from one side of the park to the other was met with trepidation.  I think we scarred them for life, but its all good b/c now we can mark that off our list and never, ever have to do Fiesta TX again.  In all seriousness, the girls said they enjoyed themselves, but I guess we are now theme park snobs b/c nothing can possibly compare to the mouse.

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